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Greetings from Wabatong Lodge situated on Mains street of the "Ghost town" of Lochalsh, Ontario Canada, located 400 meters south of  great Walleye fishing on Wabatongushi Lake. Wabatongushi lake is tucked in the south west corner of the Chapleau Game preserve. Lochalsh was once a small town of rail road workers Gold miners. The town once had a population of over a couple hundred people, with 3 hotels, garage, taxi service and general store. Lochalsh now has a year round population of one. I am that one person. Sean Clement, 2nd generation Lodge owner. I re-opened my parents lodge in 2009, under the name Wabatong, after I returned from the oilfields of Western Canada. Due to my blue collar roots, My goal is to give you the best stay on blue collar prices. At Wabatong Lodge, I will do my best to make sure your stay is one to remember and to make you want to come back.

      Walleye Fishing
Sean with first open water Walleye of 20
Fishing on Wabatong

 Not only can you fish for Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch and White fish on Wabatongushi Lake, you can a day trip to smaller outpost lakes where you can add catching some Small mouth bass, brook trout or Lake trout. 


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