More then just fishing

Now I won't lie to you, most people come here to fish Wabatongushi Lake, and for most Fishermen one fishing trip to this lake and you will want to come back and fish it again. Wabatongushi lake is a great place to bring a beginner to walleye fishing let alone someone who is new to fishing. With that being said, there are many portage lakes that can accessed for brook trout, lake trout, small mouth bass, strictly northern pike and of course walleye.

Walleye Sunset 2020
Kids on the dock 2020
Trout Stream (5)
Patrick with Walleye on portage 2020
Trout Stream (17)
Four Wheeling and ATV's

The area surrounding Wabatong lodge has a wide range of opportunities for off road fun. From “holy crap!” deep mud runs, turning to 4 low boulder crawls, givin’er a little throttle to shake some of that mud off, to taking it easy on a dirt road back to the Lodge. The combinations of old mining exploration trails and logging roads offer day trips to Dubreuilville, Wawa and Hawk Junction. Now, if you want to combine wheeling and fishing there are outpost lakes just right for a day trip with available small boat, motor and trailer. Wabatong lodge does not boast to have a state-of-the-art repair shop, but wide range of hand tools, welders, torches and some local know how, we should be able to get you up running, if Mother Nature decides to take a bite out your ride.


Wabatong Lodge does offer hunting opportunities for bear hunting and small game. It is even possible to come up and enjoy both bear and small game, and if you want to add some surf to the turf, Walleye fishing in mid-September, borders on excellent.

With Bear hunting, I work with a Rick Dickson’s Bear Hunts, out of Wawa, who is the largest bear outfitter in Ontario. I have worked with them for over 10 years. The success rate for the Bear management area (BMA) around the lodge is 80 to 100%. I am usually your contact bear guide, bear skinner. The lodge has freezers for your catch.

Hiking and Snowshoeing

Now, if you want to give your arms a break from fishing, there are trails to scenic views of Wabatongushi Lake and the surrounding area.

Now if your truly adventurist and enjoy the joys of winter the snowshoeing surrounding the Lodge is excellent providing both terrain for the beginner and the experienced.

Wild Life

From the ride up the Lodge, to the shoreline of Wabatongushi Lake, even the front lawn of the lodge the opportunity to see the Wildlife of Northern Ontario is excellent. You will be able have to chance to see moose, bear, fox, wolf and even lynx.  Beavers, otters, and mink on the shores of Wabatongushi lake not to forget the outpost lakes. Birds of prey from the Eagles, Osprey, and Hawks, water fowl from Ducks to Loons are also out there.