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How to get to wabatong lodge

The majority of Wabatong lodge’s Guests and customers choose to drive to the lodge, via the Goudreau road. Detail directions can be emailed to you. Most Utility cross over vehicles have no problem driving the last 8 miles or 12.8 kms. My wife drives her GMC Terrain into the lodge all the time. I will be honest and say the last leg of your drive into Wabatong Lodge, is not smooth, the road does have some character, so slow and steady get’s you to the lodge. Be on the look out for possibility of wildlife sightings from Moose wading in a creek, to Ruffled Grouse doing their impressions of pedestrians.

Want to skip the road? You can travel by the “Bud Car”, a passenger service train that runs Tuesday to Sunday from Sudbury Ontario, to White River Ontario. Check out for a schedule.

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